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Jul 22, 2020

In this episode, Rev. Kenn Blanchard provides some opinions on three things you might have considered as a married guy thinking of getting a motorcycle.  He will talk about traditional Christian marriage at the end of this segment.

  • In general, what is the best motorcycle for you. (we lean toward the Indian line)
  • How...

Jul 14, 2020

Feeling the summertime blues right now, I don't have a motorcycle right now.  A friend of mine crashed his Triumph on I-287,  and survived because he is blessed and was wearing a full face helmet.  It has made me reconsider buying a full face now.  Here is a preachy episode on safety in hopes that my friends heed me....

Jul 5, 2020

On this rare occasion, last week, I was a guest on the other Indian Motorcycle podcast.  The first one actually.  Curtis Sawyer is a professional and I learned a few things. I am sharing his interview of me because it tells some things about me you might not know.  Curtis expertly conducted this interview and want other...