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Sep 27, 2021

Lt. Col. (ret) Erik Kramer introduces me to the only nonprofit dedicated to providing long-term assistance to the widows of U.S. special operators killed in combat or training since 911 across all services. They are conducting a Motorcycle Sweepstakes that runs through 24 December 2021 and are giving away a customized...

Sep 21, 2021

Are Motorcycles Dangerous? 

What people say as soon as you want to buy one or they find out you ride?

 Some people get involved in near-death accidents and they completely go off motorcycles, while others get back their motorcycles as soon as they are healed and able to ride again.



Sep 13, 2021

Have You Heard About the Apple No iPhones on Motorcycles Warning ?


What are your resources for buying aftermarket gear? 

What do you think of horns?  Who would you get one from?

Have you heard of

Are you going to Ocean City Bike Fest?  


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Sep 6, 2021

My first 500 miles 

Using Apples CarPlay

Stuff I just bought

  • New helmet
  • Battery tender
  • Riding shoes
  • Air cushion
  • Cell phone holder
  • Jackets - is the spot to shop.  

Taresa Uncaged and I parted ways


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