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Apr 14, 2022

This is not a sermon but maybe a word to the wise to wear Hi visibility gear when you are riding your motorcycle.  It may not be “cool” but I think it will save your life.  I recently noticed another motorcyclist riding with some bright yellow on and I saw him miles away.  Another biker, much closer was invisible in comparison and he was much closer.   RevZilla sells some over $50 vest but I have seen some on Amazon for under $20.  Not saying you have to get rid of your cool wear but… adding this to you wardrobe might be prudent. 


Praise Report


My wife is recovering from another surgery that happened two weeks ago on her head in a rehab facility.  She is talking again almost 90% like herself.  She has lost track of time.  She doesn’t remember that she has been in a hospital for almost 11 months.  She doesn’t understand why her limbs don’t work and she can’t move.  She is undergoing therapy and I fed her a piece of a cheeseburger and some vegetables Friday for the first time ever.  She said “I can’t believe you haven’t fed me in 30 years.”  She confuses some vivid dreams she has with reality.  Like she thinks she was in a car accident.  She doesn’t know where she is sometimes.  The doctors said she may not walk for a few years.  She still has a tube in her stomach to feed her but it is only for nutrition and hopefully can be removed soon.  She is still healing from the bed sores.  I will have to pay out of pocket for everything soon but what is money.  Who wants to retire?  God is good. 


“Your habits can make you or break you; chose them well. The only difference between a rut and a grave is its length, depth, and how long you are in it. “