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Jul 12, 2021

The Indian Scout line up has 5 models to choose from The Scout, The Scout Bobber, The Scout 60, The Scout Bobber 60, and The Scout Bobber 20. They all have a liquid cooled engine, ABS brake as an option, and an analog gauge, but from there each model has a few differences. 
Scout.     Bobber.     Scout 60.     Bobber 60.     Bobber 20.  
$11,999   $10,999    $9,499         $8,999           $11,999
USB        USB                                                    USB
100 HP    100 HP     78 HP            78HP            100 HP
2-up         solo          solo               solo               solo
561 lbs     555 lbs     544 lbs          549 lbs          571 lbs
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