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Jul 26, 2021

in this episode:

  1. Taresa shares why she loves you.
  2. Kenn gives an update.
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Why I love you guys!

I’m still new to hosting this awesome show, but I discovered that I love you guys. Ok, not trying to get corny or anything, but it’s true. So listen, here is how I came to this conclusion. I’m at work, sitting at my desk working on my laptop. I share an office with 3 other women. Now we have been friends for years, but like normal work friends. We care about each other and text but don’t hang out outside of work. The lady that sits directly across from me is my work-wife. What I mean is we are co-directors’ and run multiple programs together. We make a really great team! We laugh a lot and share some very personal moments as well. But ya know like any spouse, there are things she’s into that I am not. Well, the same goes for her. I am in love with motorcycles and riding. She is not. Well, what’s a normal reaction when you do something you love, or find out exciting news about that subject? Right, you get super excited and want to share that. And that’s what happened to me. 


OK so first let me tell you the lead up to why I was so excited. I went to one of the monthly Indian Motorcycle Rider Group meetings. I told you guys before I immediately joined my local chapter after getting my Scout Bobber. Anyways, I went to the meeting and one of the guys, Greg, who I mentioned before in the Scout episode, episode 37 called “It may be small, but it can really move!” Go check it out if you haven’t already!! Anyway, Greg and I were chatting, and I asked where his lovely wife Emmy was. See I had only met Emmy once before, she was finishing up her, I believe it was her master’s degree as well as doing some other intensive trainings for work… Sidenote - She’s a very busy and dedicated lady and I’m proud to know her. So anyway, I had asked where she was on that day and Greg said “Oh she’s on her way. They called this morning and said her new Chief was delivered. They agreed not to open the crate until we could be here” At this point I’m pretty sure my eyeballs popped out of my head like in the cartoons and my tongue came out with drool running down my chin. Ok so that may be a dramatization, but I want you get a feel for how truly excited I was for this moment. Not only for my friends to be able to unbox their brand new 2021 Indian Chief, but to finally get to see one in person since I had been dreaming about this motorcycle since they started releasing promos for it.  We have the meeting; Emmy finally arrives, and majority of the group hung around to see this stunning piece of machinery. This is going to sound really cliché, but as it was unboxed everyone was ohhing and ahhing and we all cheered and hooted and hollered for her new purchase!!! It was really a celebration moment for our group members. We took pictures and Emmy climbed up on the crate to sit on her new Motorcycle. She looked like a stunning bad-ass boss lady with the biggest smile on her face.  So it was at this moment that I realized. I HAVE TO RIDE ONE!!!! Don’t you know that day came sure enough about a week later. Melissa emailed me about a super chief that had just arrived on the showroom floor. Now the reason Melissa knew I was in the market for the chief is because I was trying to convince my husband to trade up from his Iron 883 to the Indian Chief. To see where that story went you should check out episode 39, Who wants to buy a motorcycle? OK where was I? Oh yea, so I get the email and I message him about it and wanted to see if he would want to go test ride it. Meanwhile I am jumping out of my skin because I am so worried it will be sold within 24 hours. He couldn’t get off work, but I could take a lunch. Giddy laugh. I message him and say I can go test ride it for you and see if it lives up to all the hype. Then if I think it’s something you’d like then we can see about you coming down to test ride later. At this point I am holding my breath waiting for his answer. HE SAID YES!!!! So as-long-as it took me to tell you all that, it really only happened in a couple of minutes. Now is when I look up at my work wife with the biggest smile on my face and so much giddiness that I’m practically bouncing in my seat. She noticed. 


I said Paige I’m taking a lunch break. She replied, you never do that what’s going on? Seeing my face, she naturally smiled because she knew it was something good. I told her I was about to go test ride this new motorcycle on my lunch break, which I was of course taking right then and there. So, as I’m telling her what I’m going to do I am gearing up to ride over to the dealership. She says something like oohh yay that’s so exciting and tells me to have fun. 

I go and have this cool experience that I will share in a future episode. I get back and she asks how was it? Now ya’ll know the excitement of a new motorcycle. Man, I was on cloud 9!!! I started spewing the whole story, what it looked like, what it sounded like. I rambled on like a kid talking about the power, the ride modes, the comfort. So she is just listening and randomly throws out a OOOOHHHH, or FANCY. I kept talking and at the end, when I finally started coming down from that high, I said thank you. She goes for what? I said, ‘well, I could see all over your face that you had no idea what I was saying but you were trying so hard to stay engaged and excited with me.” We both laughed and she said yeah it was important to you so I tried. 


This is why I love my listeners. I know that I now I have my people!! You will listen to my story and actually relate to it. I love my work wife for trying, and I have done the same for her at times. But you are my community. I can’t wait to hear your stories. Please share them with me. I will read them and laugh with you or offer a similar story I have experienced. Share with me on Facebook on the Indian Motorcycle Radio Group or on my Taresa Uncaged page. You can also message me on Facebook or Instagram at Taresa Uncaged or send me an email at



That’s it for this episode. Thank you to you for being my community. Thank you for subscribing, downloaded, and listening to Indian Motorcycle Radio. I hope you have a great week and will catch you on the next ride! for decals and comments.