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Aug 2, 2021

Kenn put the first 100 miles on Friday.  She’s in the break in period so taking it easy and learning her.  He almost popped a wheelie in “sport mode”.  You should have seen his 👀 eyes.  She is smoother and twice as fast as his HD Electra-glide was.  Wind therapy is real.  I needed this.  

Sometimes life hits you with something that interrupts your flow.  It can stop it sometimes too.  Kenn shares some thoughts on wind therapy.   It’s a real thing, that motorcyclist like us can enjoy to soothe our spirits, destress and unwind.  After a few weeks of sitting in the garage, Kenn puts 100 miles on his 2021 Indian Challenger and reflects on life.  Take the ride with him.  You might need a handkerchief or tissue as he serenades you and murders a classic tune from Bette Midler at the end of the show.

Thank you for rolling with a brother.

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